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Tips to Create Mindfulness & Manage Stress – Part 2

As we acknowledge Corporate Wellness Week we will continue with our tips to influence others to make a more positive work environment.

So What can you Do?

Motivate Others

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Post a new upbeat poster, picture or quote at your desk where everyone can see it.

Celebrate Wins

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Celebrate Achievements

Start a meeting off by sharing something positive that is going on in your group, project, work etc. Encourage others to do the same.


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Team Achievement

Find some occasion to celebrate with others, whether it be a project milestone, birthday, new house, etc..

Coping With Stress

Be Realistic

Here are some more tips on how to cope with stress in the workplace.Set practical goals for dealing with situations and solving problems. Develop realistic expectations of yourself and others. Setting our expectations or goals high may seem like a useful way to push ourselves and get things done, but we may also set ourselves up for disappointment and continued stress. Find the courage to recognize your limits.

Get Organised & Take Charge

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Being dis-organised or engaging in poor planning can often lead to frustration or development of crisis situations, which most always leads to feeling stressed.

Plan your time, make a schedule, and establish your priorities. Do this regularly until it becomes a productive habit. Take responsibility for your life. Be proactive. Problem solve and look for solutions rather than worry.

BALANCED HEALING can assist with managing your Stress through a tailor made eating plan and supplements.

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