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Definition of Holistic

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The definition of HOLISTIC – is relating to the idea that things should be studied as a whole and not just as a sum of their parts, where systems / parts are rather integrated than individual.

Practically, it is a continuous process and daily devotion to obtain a holistic balance as a human being. When referring to the aspects of Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.

If one had to take a circle and divide it in 4 equal parts / quarters – each quarter would resemble the above 4 aspects. As each is equal in size it is perfectly balanced. However where we may have some strong, unresolved emotional issues this segment begins to grow and takes a small part away from the other segments, creating an imbalance.

In many aspects of our lives we have unresolved issues, especially emotional ones as we don’t want to face / deal with the pain they bring or resemble. These harbored emotions gradually gain momentum and begin to take control of our lives, impacting on our mental agility and ability to control our emotions, deal & interact with others and ourselves. This too has a ripple effect on the physical aspects of our being, where dis-ease / discomfort in emotional & mental well being, spills over and manifests itself in a symptom, syndrome or illness.

The main components in being able to achieve this holistic balance, begins with Self – awareness, where one is able to observe & recognise feelings, build a vocabulary for these feelings and learn to understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings & reactions. Examine ones actions & know the consequences, applying insight to determine personal decision making criteria. Finding ways to manage the feelings and handle stress, where the value of exercise & relaxation techniques assist in finding ways to handle the fears and anxieties.

The ability to understand others feelings & concerns – empathy, towards appreciating how other people may feel, along with communication – where one is able to express in a healthy manner the emotions & monitoring the reactions to others / situations.

Insight into the patterns in life and the various aspects of self control, allowing self acceptance and taking personal responsibility in an assertive manner that does not cause conflict.

Should we be able to practice all if not most of the above mentioned aspects in our emotional intelligence sphere, it will become easier as a human being to attain the balance we strive towards.

In a holistic manner this would encompass, a healthy balanced nutritional intake, sufficient rest, moderate daily exercise and meditation. Also vitally important is the social interaction with family, friends & peers to obtain the nurturing & support as well as much needed intellect, information & guidance. The spiritual realm offers so many ways in which to enrich ourselves and observing the steadfastness of divination, we can attain a level of inner peace.

Once in tune with yourself, it becomes easier to be “in tune” with all others around you, this being a way of relying on the inner gift of intuition.

Within the Western world, there is a constant drive to improve but with sound proven skills and backing of leaders within the education / religious sectors. It is seldom that one is able to seamlessly blend the psychology of today with the spirituality of yesterday and combine the two to create a force that is strong, enabling us to have a practical system for healing imbalances and taking control of mental & physical health.

While all is said and done, the above is a tall order to achieve in a practical senses, but through dedication and daily focused determination – it is possible to achieve the base understanding of a holistically balanced human being. It just takes daily practice, determination and support.












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