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Balanced Healing has a Brand Makeover for 2020

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The NEW LOOK & FEEL for BALANCED HEALING has a multi-faceted meaning. For me personally the colors and symbolism have a very deep and meaningful reach in what I attempt to accomplish when dealing with all who come across my daily path and in my practice as an Integrative Nurse Practitioner.

The triangular shape is on it’s point which depicts “BALANCE”, while incorporating each corner is the triad to represent BODY MIND & SOUL. These are the main elements we at BALANCED HEALING look at and utilize in you healing journey to ensure an intricate balance in your healthcare journey. The overlapping of the 3 leaf elements ensure that we aim to have an entwined flow of all the elements essential to obtained and integrative & holistic healing approach.

The colours have been carefully chosen to ensure we cover the essential healing elements:

green teardrop image


Harmony & Health, a generous and relaxing colour that revitalizes body & mind. It balances our emotions, and helps us to feel safe & secure – while promising growth the very life of our fresh vegetables and fruits that we require daily to nutritionally balance our diets and heal…ENERGY

blue teardrop image


This is the color of trust & loyalty, where we ensure that you are in a safe space to heal. It has a calming, relaxing & emotionally supportive element. It too depicts the very essence of life – WATER – an essential element for homeostasis and life. Boosting positive mental energy clearing the path to spiritual growth based on your individual spiritual belief system that you may rely on for your healing journey.


Stability, honesty & comfort. A foundation on which to rebuild and recreate yourself. The very earth we reside on / in providing the essential nutrients to our crops and foods. This helps us to remain grounded & connected inspiring us to appreciate the small but simple things in life…GRATITUDE.


The true BALANCE of all colors, enhancing the purity & innocence of life. It Provides hope & clarity while promoting open-mindedness and self-reflection. A fresh start – a RENEWED palette on which to begin your journey to a healthier happier you.

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