"Health is the New Wealth & Balance is Your Choice"

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About us

"Healing & Healthcare Are My Passion"

Driven by the passion to find a solution to balancing life’s demands, Balanced Healing became a reality.

We are passionate about:

  • Providing individual solutions
  • Ability to converge conventional nursing modalities with natural therapies
  • Focusing on the Family unit & lifestyle options
  • Managing you & your family’s health requirements to ensure a happier healthier you.


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Our Services

Balanced Healing provides personalised care for the whole family

Wellness Screening

Non-Invasive screening & consultation with recommendations relating to lifestyle choices, underlying or sub-clinical health problems & hidden trends leading to chronic ailments.

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Nutritional Advisor

Assessing nutritional needs & developing dietary-care plans.

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Food Intolerance Testing

Interpretation and guidance with allergy and digestive related ailments.


GAPS Practitioner

A natural treatment of ADD/HD, Autistic Spectrum and other neurological and physiological syndromes.

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Infusion Therapy

Out of hospital intravenous therapies (Home or at the Practice) done on a doctor referral and medical funder authorization.



Auricular needling technique to assist with specific ailments (ADDHD, Anxiety, Depression, detoxification) and addictions as a combination therapy.

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Work place & Executive Wellness

Confidential managed healthcare support program for the busy executive & staff within the office environment.

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What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

“I just wanted to record in writing how excellent your service has been, professional, reliable, responsible, knowledgeable, and a huge comfort to Terry and I, over our very difficult two months that you were with us.

You were always just there for us, on every level. You of course, were more than competent and professional in your nursing service to Terry, organised, knowledgeable and supportive. You were punctual and never once let us down. You were sensitive to our every need. You were always pleasant and supportive, whilst at the same time, being totally honest and upfront.

Thank you.

I would happily refer you to anyone who required a reference, and they can phone me on 082 371 0000 anytime for an oral reference.

Should we ever require a nursing sister to look after us in the future, you will be the first person we call!!!!!”

Jeff Kalinko

Founder, Win4Me.org

“Hi Bridget, I wanted to thank you for your guidance and direction with my body. Everything you recommended has had amazing results.

My stomach is no longer continually bloated and I have lost 2kg. I have energy, my stress is manageable and I CAN now EAT SOFT CHEESE!!

Thank you so much I am very grateful.”




Another Satisfied Patient


“Thank you Bridget for taking my son Ashton and I down what seemed to be a very daunting, new and scary path and getting us safely through the diet change.

Your constant willingness to answer questions, give recipes, following up on his progress and generally just pushing us to be positive and push through for the results, which I was hoping would be more an overnight fix (hahahaha) was most certainly worth it!

I can honestly say with the right support medication neurovance and mentat we have a super happy confident little boy, who given the choice, wouldn’t go back to his old diet. High fives all round”.

Fabienne Barson

Satisfied Patient


Latest News & Offers

Read up on our latest news & Offers
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Launched An Immune Boosting Program

VITAMIN Immune Boosting Infusion + IMMUNE BOOSTING


This IMMUNE SUPPORT PROGRAM provides an INSTANT BOOST + 30 daily supplementation sachets.

( Immune boost formula + Vitamin C + L-Lysine + Probiotic + Echinacea)
in a convenient monthly pack.

PLEASE NOTE:[In light of the Lock down this offer will be available after lock down, but you can send through your booking requests now. Bridget will schedule an appointment time for your infusion and reserve your 30 day Immune Booster pack.]

Bridget Spargo

Founder, Balanced Healing


Why Select Us?

We Offer Personalised Care For The Whole Family

Professional Medical Expertise

Conventional & Alternative medical expertise to ensure the best health outcomes

Medical Knowledge

Expansive Affiliations & intellectual Wealth to provide the best treatment modalities

Patient Support

We go the extra mile to heal you & your family


Our Blog

Balanced Healing provides Personalised Care For The Whole Family
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Balanced Healing Has A Brand Makeover For 2020

The NEW LOOK & FEEL for BALANCED HEALING has a multi-faceted meaning. For me personally the colors and symbolism have a very deep and meaningful reach in what I attempt to accomplish when dealing with all who come across my daily path and in my practice as an Integrative Nurse Practitioner. The triangular shape is on it’s point which depicts “BALANCE”, while incorporating each corner is the triad to represent BODY MIND & SOUL. These are the main elements we at BALANCED HEALING look at and utilize in you healing journey to ensure an intricate balance in your healthcare journey. The overlapping of the 3 leaf elements ensure that we aim to have an entwined flow of all the elements essential to obtained and integrative & holistic healing approach. The colors have been carefully chosen to ensure we cover the essential healing elements: Read more

immunity image
Immunity For The Community – Final
This is our final week discussing all aspects of Immunity. The attached Immunity presentation summerises all the following aspects of Immunity: What Immunity is? What the gut has got to do with it? How…
Immunity For The Community – Part 2
Nurturing A Good Gut Biome Increase Your Fibre Intake Aim for more than 40g per day, which is about double the current averages. Fibre intake has been shown to reduce heart disease and some…
Immunity For The Community
What is Immunity? *the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.“immunity to typhoid seems to have increased spontaneously”OR*protection or…

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We Provide Personalised Care for the Whole Family

Contact Details

We are situated at: 7 Zircon Street, Jukskei Park, Randburg at Your Space For Wellness Centre.

A location within easy access from the northern and western areas of Johannesburg, on the main route between Malibongwe and William Nicol on/off ramp to the N1.

Email: b@balancedhealing.co.za

Phone: +27 83 653 7470

Hours Of Operations

  • Monday – Thursday 9h00 – 18h00
  • Friday – 8h00 – 13h00

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Call us during office hours. We are there to support you. Call:+27 83 653 7470

About us

Driven to find a solution to balancing life’s demands, Balanced Healing became a reality. We look at healing as an integrative & holistic treatment plan .

Where to find us

Your Space for Wellness Centre 7 Zircon Street, Jukskei Park, Randburg