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Integrated Wellness Practices Focusing On Prevention



Auricular needling technique to assist with specific ailments & addictions as a combination therapy.

Executive Wellness



Confidential managed healthcare support programme for the busy executive within the office environment.

Wellness Screening

Wellness Screening


Non-invasive individual screening and consultation with recommendations relating to lifestyle choices, underlying or sub-clinical health problems, hidden trends leading to chronic ailments utilising a holistic health approach.



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 Balanced Healing

Balanced Healing strives to integrate conventional medical care with a holistic approach to uplift and continuously improve the wellbeing of ALL within our scope of practice.

Life’s events pose challenges to which we as individuals need to develop the required skills & resources to enable coping. These skills & coping mechanisms are directly responsible for the wellbeing of a person – where the balance point is referred to the actual point between the individuals resource pool and the challenges faced in life on a daily basis.

In conclusion – it is apparent that wellbeing is a continuum suggesting strong links between personality, life events, wellbeing and ill-being, where we gain insight and build the required skills & resources to cope with life’s challenges, without succumbing to negativity, relating to disease.

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Definition Of Wellness



  • Wellness is a conscious and continuous integrative process leading towards the enhancement of individual, organisational and community health and wellbeing.
  • Integrate (v) is the combination and assimilation into a complete functional wholeness – ALL aspects of the human being.

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Our company engaged Balanced Healing to do wellness screening on our staff and executives, as part of our Group employee healthcare awareness programme.

We can highly recommend any company considering following this route, the programme being non-invasive, consultative, confidential, inter active and at our workplace was beneficial to all employees, with positive feedback and appreciation from all the staff. (Company Anonymous)

“Being made aware of the sub-health issues in my life through the professional and informative consultation & screening – has forced me to re-look my lifestyle choices and concentrate on a more “fruitful” daily routine with the correct foods, exercise & supplementation. More energy to get my job done, and the convenience of not having to be in the traffic to attend a follow up or shop for  the necessary supplements!” (Individual L.R.)

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