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HEALTH is the new Wealth & BALANCE is your Choice.

Individual Wellness Screening & Consultation

Individual Wellness

Non-invasive individual screening and consultation with recommendations relating to lifestyle choices, underlying or sub-clinical health problems, hidden trends leading to chronic ailments utilising a holistic health approach. 

Workplace & Executive Wellness

Executive Wellness

Confidential managed healthcare support program for the busy executive within their office environment. A workplace wellness program is an organisation-wide policy designed to support healthy behaviour and improve health outcomes while at work and providing skill s to assist in the management of stress and anxiety and an increase in productivity.



Auricular needling technique to assist with specific ailments and addictions as a combination therapy. ACUDETOX is also known as acupuncture detoxification, auriculoacupuncture, auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture, and five-point ear acupuncture.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy

Intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy is part of a global trend towards preventative and holistic treatments to enhance wellness and sports endurance. The benefits of an Intra Venous Vitamin Infusion go beyond proactive wellness. It can assist with managing and treating chronic conditions as well.

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Integrative Medicine (IM) is healing-oriented medicine that takes into account the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

There may be little control over many things in life, but one thing we do have control over – is what we put into our bodies. With a plethora of theories and influences, great confusion has erupted as to how we feed our bodies the foods that we require on a daily basis in order to thrive & survive. The fads and trends that sway our decisions & control our choices have ultimately led us to become ill due to poor choices or false information. This places us, our children & families in a precarious position of striving towards that optimal health * wellness – and at what price…..

A Few Simple Steps to begin with – Eat Optimally, Move Briskly, Monitor your thoughts & Sleep soundly“. Manage your gut Biome to keep inflammation in check maintaining Mental wellbeing.

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Our company engaged Balanced Healing to do wellness screening on our staff and executives, as part of our Group employee healthcare awareness programme.

We can highly recommend any company considering following this route, the programme being non-invasive, consultative, confidential, interactive and at our workplace was beneficial to all employees, with positive feedback and appreciation from all the staff.


Being made aware of the sub-health issues in my life through the professional and informative consultation & screening – has forced me to re-look my lifestyle choices and concentrate on a more “fruitful” daily routine with the correct foods, exercise & supplementation. More energy to get my job done, and the convenience of not having to be in the traffic to attend a follow-up or shop for  the necessary supplements!”

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Balanced Healing

Balanced Healing offers an integrated holistic approach to health & wellness in the workplace & for the individual
Balanced Healing
Balanced Healing

Ever heard the saying: “I have a gut feeling that……”
Gut feelings get all the press, but your gut may be more of a thinker than you know. These powerful connections are part an emerging field of science called neurogastroenterology designed to study the gut-brain link. For the month of May, we will be discussing how your gut functions and how it can affect your daily well being.

Here are 10 facts you may not know about your gut.

1. The Gut does not need the brain's input.
2. There are more than 100 Million brain cells in your gut
3. Your Gut has its own nervous system.
4. There is an Information Highway from your gut to your brain.
5. Most of your Serotonin is in your gut.
6. A Healthy gut may protect your bones.
7. Research shows links between autism and having fewer strains of gut bacteria.
8. Food really does affect your mood.
9. Your gut is your best friend in cold and flu season.
10. Your gut can become addicted to opiates.

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In honor of mental health awareness month. Don't be mad at yourself if it takes time to heal. Feel every part of that wound and work through it.
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Jay Shetty
In honor of mental health awareness month. Don't be mad at yourself if it takes time to heal. Feel every part of that wound and work through it.
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5 Signs of Nutrient Deficiency
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Razi Berry A new short-term pilot study in children and teens 6-17 years old with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has shown saffron to be as effective at controlling symptoms as methylphenidate, the commonly prescribed drug Ritalin. Saffron may be a promising herbal alternative for t...
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