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Autism Support

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Autism is a complex condition. It is considered a spectrum as each person has different abilities, and strengths and therefore requires different types and levels of support.

With this in mind, it can be challenging for parents to access information about treatment and support structures to assist their autistic child. Balanced Healing has developed an Autism Support Toolkit to assist you.

Autism Support Toolkit

This toolkit is by no means exhaustive but we hope it will provide you with enough information to support you through your autism journey. The toolkit covers the following:

  • Brief summary of what autism is
  • Messages from nonspeaking teens
  • What the meaning of nonspeaking is
  • The use of Functioning label terminology
  • Adult support
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Autism resources Websites
  • Autism social media sites
  • Nutritional resources
  • GAPS practitioner
  • Word search exercise & results

Please feel free to download this useful autism resource here.

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Contact Balanced Healing for your diagnosis & autism treatment game plan.