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Digestive Health System

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After all the excesses and indulgences during December, it is now back to reality and healthy living. With a new year comes a slightly new format. This year our monthly newsletter will comprehensively discuss each body system. In line with this our first article will discuss the digestive system. This will include –

  • digestive disorders 
  • gut-related health problems
  • the respective causes risk factors 
  • the conventional and natural treatments. 

The Digestive System Overview

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Your digestive system breaks down food and liquid into their chemical components—carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals—so the body can absorb these nutrients, use them for energy, and build or repair cells.

Many organs make up the digestive system. Digestion begins the moment food is chewed and travels from the mouth, down the easophagus, and into the stomach. Once in the stomach, food is mixed with digestive enzymes and then slowly emptied into the small intestine, which further breaks down food, absorbs nutrients, and sends them into the bloodstream.

The remaining watery food residue moves into your large intestine (the colon). As undigested food passes through it, bacteria feed off the remnants. The wall of the large intestine soaks up most of the remaining water. 

Other organs also contribute to the digestive process. The liver produces bile, a brownish-yellow liquid that helps to digest fat. Bile is stored until needed in the gallbladder. The pancreas works with the small intestine to produce enzymes needed to help digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Any undigested food that remains is expelled by a highly efficient disposal system involving the rectum and anus.

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Natural Treatments For Digestive Health

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In Summary

Digestive diseases remain a significant public health burden, with substantial variation across countries, sexes, and age groups. Therefore, early screening and targeted interventions could significantly reduce the global burden of digestive diseases.

Book your Balanced Healing screening this month to determine if you are at risk and if so which interventions would be best.


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