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Six Wellness Trends That Will Be Big In 2022 – Trend #6

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This week’s discussion is the final trend of the top six wellness trends, namely: Our shifting priorities will continue to drive our wellness routines.

Trend #6 – Our shifting priorities will continue to drive our wellness routines.

One thing that came out of this time of deep introspection was the realisation that priorities need to shift in order to live and feel better and experience joy.

This article on Forbes put it perfectly: “The work-from-home lifestyle opened our eyes to new possibilities and priorities. In some cases, it completely changed our desire to climb the corporate career ladder or structure our lives around daily commutes and office hours in the name of advancement and success. It forced us to focus on ourselves because we were stuck with ourselves and could not focus as much on others. And some younger professionals have adopted a completely different look at their burgeoning careers.”

So what does this look like? Many will be asking themselves the important question “What do I really want?” and then simply going for it. Whether you’re burned out and decide to leave your corporate job for a career following your passion or you pick up hobbies that become side hustles, the opportunities to rewrite your future are abundant right now.

In the coming year, people will define what wellness means to them on an individual level. Consumers will continue looking for ways to save time, energy, and resources in every aspect of their wellness routines, from exercise to diet and self-care, while also making sure that those things align with their long-term wellness goals.

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