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Immunity For The Community – Final

This is our final week discussing all aspects of Immunity. The attached Immunity presentation summerises all the following aspects of Immunity:

  • What Immunity is?
  • What the gut has got to do with it?
  • How to nurture a good gut biome
  • Factors that deplete our immune systems
  • Immune boosting foods
  • Immune boosting Supplements
  • Immune boosting Super foods

Immunity For The Community Presentation (click to view)

How you can help your immune system

In summary, It is vital that your immune system is in good working order if you want to stay as protected as possible from viral or bacterial infections. There are several ways you can do this. You can cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink, start exercising regularly if you don’t already, and try to reduce your stress levels. If you live a hectic life, simply learning to slow down and rest occasionally can have a big impact.

Diet has an important part to play and if you can, you should try to eat some immune-boosting fruits and vegetables every day as already mentioned. You can take them in liquid form by making juices and smoothies if you’ll find this easier.

Balanced Healing strives to keep you & your family healthy and protected/immune during these unprecedented times.

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