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Effective Natural Treatment options for virus and injection side effects – Vaccinated or not

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For your piece of mind, we provide a vivid video explaining how the COVID-19 vaccine works and effective natural treatment options to negate the side effects. A recent article by Dr Thomas Levy (board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases) offers reassurance that adverse events of long-term damage caused by the spike protein can be prevented once recognised.

The spike protein is intrinsically toxic by causing the oxidation of biomolecules. In addition apparently able to replicate itself, increasing its quantity inside the body and the amount of toxic damage it inflicts.

Measures to mitigate and resolve toxicity (caused by the spike protein), inflammation and oxidative stress include:

  1. Highly-dosed intravenous vitamin C (a service Balanced Healing can provide) to reverse oxidised biomolecules and to neutralise and excrete toxins. Daily dosing of multi-gram vitamin C or 5 grams of liposome-encapsulated vitamin C for at least a week. It is always a good idea to continue with vitamin C supplementation.
  2. Adding magnesium chloride to the infusion can protect against arrhythmia’s.
  3. Normal dark field examination of the blood to determine rouleaux formation of red blood cells.
  4. Ozonated saline infusion followed by vitamin C infusion to resolve thickening blood and increase blood flow especially in microcirculation.
  5. Nebulise with hydrogen peroxide to clear chronic viral colonisation in the throat.
  6. Ozonated saline and/or ozone autohemotherapy infusions to improve and maintain health.
  7. Ultraviolet blood irradiation
  8. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  9. Zinc and vitamin D supplementation

Watch How The COVID-19 Vaccine Works

In Summary

You have probably seen lots of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations. From affecting your fertility to changing DNA there are lots of myths being circulated!

And that’s where #MythOrVax comes in. We’re combatting inaccurate information, addressing concerns, and raising awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated. Avoid hospitalisation, death and long covid by getting yourself vaccinated.