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Six Wellness Trends That Will Be Big in 2022 – Trend #3

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The third of the wellness trends that will be big in 2022 is Increased awareness of our physical health which will drive demand for unique products and health care. This could provide healthcare companies with opportunities.

Trend #3 -Increased awareness of our physical health will drive demand for unique products and health care.

Never have we been more aware of how we feel. Every itch at the back of our throats, every headache, every sniffle sent us to the Internet, wondering if we had COVID-19. We also had ample time to be alone during lockdowns, which many of us took as an opportunity to evaluate our relationships with both ourselves and others.

This increased awareness of how we felt physically and emotionally built resilience as well as a deeper understanding of our needs, encouraging individuals to seek out wellness products and health care that addressed those needs.

A great example of this is the recent growth of the sexual health and sexual wellness industry, the “sextech boom” that has resulted in new products, from massage oils to toys, as well as educational courses and online communities. Rebecca Alvarez Story, sexologist and social impact entrepreneur, says: “Intimacy is at the core of human interaction ‒ we need connection to survive.

This core human need is not just about sex, though. It’s broader than that. We all need intimacy and are even more in tune with our intimate health. The COVID pandemic has accelerated our desire to seek out resources and technologies in this category.”

A similar category seeing a boom is hormone health. The hormone health industry is projected to be worth $50 billion by 2025! From supplements that address hair loss to at-home diagnostic testing to determine hormone imbalances, the growth of this industry is fueled by a population of women who want to feel heard by the medical community and get to the root of their health issues.

Did you know that IIN has a Hormone Health Course, where you can learn how to support yourself and others to resolve hormone imbalances? We knew that this topic would be important for both Health Coaches and non‒Health Coaches alike!