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How to support your mental health when working from home

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Many of us now work from home or are adapting to a hybrid work situation and the usual support we access in our workplaces may not be there for us at the moment. Therefore, it is more important now than ever before to reflect on what keeps us well and identify what can impact our well-being during this time.

As we all adapt to new ways of working and learn what works best for us in our new working environments, the Wellness Action Plan provides you with a personalised, practical tool we can all use to support our well-being whether we have mental health problems or not.

Here are some top tips on how to support your well-being at home

Identify Your Triggers

We all differ. What affects someone else’s
mental well-being won’t necessarily affect yours
in the same way. Whether it is challenges at work or the current circumstance we all find
ourselves in, we all have times where we feel stressed, upset or find it difficult to cope,
especially now.
Working out what triggers poor mental health for you can help you anticipate problems and
find solutions. Whether it is taking in too much negative news and media regarding the current
circumstance or a heavy workload. Find out
what your triggers are, as they can help.

Take time for yourself

Take short breaks throughout the day as well as half an hour to get some food. A short break can help you feel recharged and
refreshed. It can also give you a different perspective on any work problems. Spending time on yourself is essential for your
well-being, and helps you be more resilient. It is vital to prioritise your own needs sometimes, rather than the demands of your work. Ignoring
your needs can lead to stress and burnout.

Quick tip: simple self-care

Not having to get formally dressed for work can be great. But if you feel low, putting on some nice clothes or having
a five-minute grooming session is an easy boost for your self-esteem that can help you feel work-ready.

Be Kind to Yourself

In our current climate, we’re all going through a difficult time. It is important to be kind to yourself
and remember it’s okay to not be okay. We may feel different from one day to the next as situations change so it’s important to be kind to yourself.

Quick tip: Create a home workstation

It is important to try to create boundaries in your home.
if your home is your office and having a dedicated area of the house or your room for you to work from can help delineate your work time from your
leisure time.

Connect with others

Depending on the circumstance, working from home right now can be a lonely job. Evidence
suggests that feeling close to, and valued by other people is a basic human need. Good
relationships are important for our well-being. Try joining morning or evening online exercise classes, joining Facebook groups or even
starting your own.

Celebrate The Small Successes

It is important to celebrate the big and small successes. Some days that might mean a great piece of work, other days it could mean doing housework or making the bed. Try to identify one small thing each day that you can accomplish. We all want to contribute and make a difference in the things we work on, we want
to feel accomplished and that we’ve achieved something.

Later in the week we will provide you with and discuss in more detail your Wellness Action Plan. Balanced Healing can also assist you with your personalised Wellness Action Plan.

WAP: a tool to support your mental health at home

How to get started with your Wellness Action Plan

Plan some time in to fill in your WAP and think about the current pressures you’re facing when working in this new way, the impact they’re having on your mental health and wellbeing and what you can put in place to deal with these. It’s useful to think about what support your manager can put in place to support you during this time and discuss these topics with your family or friends too.

Once you have completed your WAP, it’s helpful to review it every week. This can help you log any learning or helpful practices from the week. It is also beneficial to understand your triggers and to make sure you are adapting to your new work environment. Things can change daily so it is important to keep on top of identifying what keeps you well and check the things you have put in place are working.

Download your WAP template below and start filling it in.

Wellness Action Plan Template