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Hormone Balancing With The Gut Biome

Click on link below to Watch this video about Thermascan vs Mammography. We continue to discuss the importance of the gut biome. The microbiome (GUT health) synthesizes nutrients and assists with digestion. It releases chemicals that regulate mood and metabolism and immune function, and if all that wasn’t enough, it also helps to control the level of estrogen. How the Microbiome Affects Estrogen Estrogen is made primarily by your… Read More »Hormone Balancing With The Gut Biome

Feeling Blue?

Generally we tend not to talk about depressing things…. However, Depression is very real and is one of the silent ailments disrupting corporate South Africa today, leading to increased absenteeism, conflict in the workplace and low productivity. South Africa, spends substantial amounts annually on corporate wellness days, we should consider taking action to also address depression. Current statistics highlights that one in four South Africans suffer from depression and that… Read More »Feeling Blue?

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Feeling Sad? Overwhelmed? Forgetful? and or Anxious?

EVER EXPERIENCE SOME OF THESE? Feeling down for no reason? Feeling overwhelmed & little or no idea on how to manage? Have you lost your enthusiasm for your favorite activities? Have you lost some enjoyment in a friendships or relationships? Restless mind? (The hamsters are hopping from wheel to wheel) Feeling guilty about everyday decisions? Brain farts? (It may be humorous but it IS a serious issue) How about anger?… Read More »Feeling Sad? Overwhelmed? Forgetful? and or Anxious?

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Is That A Gut Feeling You Have?

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Ever heard the saying: “I have a gut feeling that……”Gut feelings get all the press, but your gut may be more of a thinker than you know. These powerful connections are part an emerging field of science called neurogastroenterology designed to study the gut-brain link. For the rest of the month of May, we will be discussing how your gut functions and how it can affect your daily well being.… Read More »Is That A Gut Feeling You Have?