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Balanced Healing has a Brand Makeover for 2020

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The NEW LOOK & FEEL for BALANCED HEALING has a multi-faceted meaning. For me personally the colors and symbolism have a very deep and meaningful reach in what I attempt to accomplish when dealing with all who come across my daily path and in my practice as an Integrative Nurse Practitioner. The triangular shape is on it’s point which depicts “BALANCE”, while incorporating each corner is the triad to represent… Read More »Balanced Healing has a Brand Makeover for 2020

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Parents & Exam Stress

How stressed is your household during exam time? What do you do as a parent to alleviate the tension and support your child with revision and studying? Look no further, Balanced Healing can offer support for the entire family from nutritional planning, supplementation for concentration & focus, through to supportive therapy for anxiety and ADD/HD and much more. So how can you as a parent channel your anxieties and support… Read More »Parents & Exam Stress

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Top 10 Challenges that The Youth of Today Faces – Final

Another week and here are the last three challenges for us to discuss. These are probably the most difficult to overcome. Inadequate employment opportunities: In former years, education was not everyone’s forte. Those, who really had the knack for it, pursued it. But today, the scenario is different; everyone is studying along with full-fledged facilities. In the past, even a high school drop-out or simple graduates would find work and… Read More »Top 10 Challenges that The Youth of Today Faces – Final

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Top 10 Challenges that The Youth of Today Faces – Part 3

We continue with the top 10 challenges the youth of today faces. So far we have discussed: Single Parent Households Substance Abuse Early Maturity Violence in Schools The next two challenges are: Materialism It is sad but a bitter fact that we live in a society that promotes consumerism and materialism. And we unknowingly encourage and instill this philosophy into our children. Surprisingly we teach our children that the success… Read More »Top 10 Challenges that The Youth of Today Faces – Part 3

Feeling Blue?

Generally we tend not to talk about depressing things…. However, Depression is very real and is one of the silent ailments disrupting corporate South Africa today, leading to increased absenteeism, conflict in the workplace and low productivity. South Africa, spends substantial amounts annually on corporate wellness days, we should consider taking action to also address depression. Current statistics highlights that one in four South Africans suffer from depression and that… Read More »Feeling Blue?