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How & Why Blood Clots

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Continuing with our blood theme for the month of June we explain how and why blood clotting is necessary. Haemostasis is the body’s way of stopping injured blood vessels from bleeding. Haemostasis includes clotting of the blood. Too little clotting can… Read More »How & Why Blood Clots

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20 Facts About Blood Types

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Memorising your blood type is critical for all sorts of reasons, from knowing who you can accept blood transfusions from to who you can donate your blood to. Not to mention the role it plays in your likelihood of contracting COVID-19. And now,… Read More »20 Facts About Blood Types

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Blood The Life Giving Gold

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This month’s focus will be all about blood. We will look at interesting facts, blood types, blood type diet and clotting. Blood is the life-giving fluid that delivers oxygen to the cells of the body. It is a specialised type of connective tissue that consists… Read More »Blood The Life Giving Gold