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Immunity For The Community – Final

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This is our final week discussing all aspects of Immunity. The attached Immunity presentation summerises all the following aspects of Immunity: What Immunity is? What the gut has got to do with it? How to nurture a good gut biome Factors that deplete our immune systems Immune boosting foods Immune boosting Supplements Immune boosting Super foods Immunity For The Community Presentation (click to view) How you can help your immune… Read More »Immunity For The Community – Final

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Immunity For The Community – Part 2

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Nurturing A Good Gut Biome Increase Your Fibre Intake Aim for more than 40g per day, which is about double the current averages. Fibre intake has been shown to reduce heart disease and some cancers, as well as reduce weight gain. Eat as many types of fruit and veg as possible, and try to eat seasonally The variety may be as important as the quantities, as the chemicals and types… Read More »Immunity For The Community – Part 2

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Immune Boosting Program

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As we approach the winter months, we are noticing the days are getting shorter and the nights have a new crisp temperature…..So with this in mind I am attaching some hints, tips and guidance on some of the ways you can NATURALLY boost and protect your immune systems for the approaching winter through YOUR DIET, SUPPLEMENTATION & a few “Super Foods”. I will be RE-OPENING my practice from the MONDAY 04th… Read More »Immune Boosting Program