Individual Wellness Screening & Consultation

Individual Wellness Screening & Consultation

Individual Wellness Screening & Consultation

Non-Invasive individual screening & consultation with recommendations relating to lifestyle choices, underlying or sub-clinical health problems, hidden trends leading to chronic ailments utilising a holistic health approach.

Within a few minutes, we are able to scan utilising QMRA (Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis) to determine your current physical health status, highlighting the subclinical and potential health risks.

This is NON-INVASIVE – Painless – No Radiation – No Blood Drawn

This method determines the current health of organs & predicts their wellbeing for the future and helps to uncover the onset of major diseases & can assist in early treatment & maintenance.

The consultation allows us to discuss and highlight the areas for consideration, incorporating an integrative health plan for a more wholesome lifestyle.

There is no one plan fits ALL.


Woman’s Health  & Screening Facility

Women's Health

Screening & supportive consultation on balancing woman’s health issues, PAP smear & breast screening.

Thermoscan is available on a regular basis as the Thermoscan Technician visits Balanced Healing roughly every 6-8 weeks. Be sure to look out on our FaceBook page for the adverts prior to the dates Marcelle will visit.

Thermoscanning of breast tissue does not replace Mammography, however, is an adjunctive screening tool that can enable the changes in tissue to be detected long before mammography will confirm.

There are various technologies in use for cancer screening at the moment and each one has a role to play.

None of these will actually diagnose cancer – that gets done via biopsies & blood tests.

Mammography & thermography are 2 entirely different study modalities.
Mammography is an anatomical study, whereas thermography is a physiological study & it, therefore, stands to reason, that scientifically, neither modality could ever replace the other.

Mammography needs a mass before the detection of irregularity can take place. A pea size lump can take up to 6 six years to grow, at which point it may be detected by a mammogram.
Thermography is absolutely harmless, without compression,  without radiation & is, therefore, the ideal modality for routine cancer screening for all ages.

Thermography will detect the very earliest physiologic changes within the soft breast tissue and lymph. These changes will alert the patient very early on,  which allows plenty of time to address further progression of any degenerative disease processes.

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Only 4 days left to redeem your discounted wellness screening voucher. Book today!
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As part of your new year resolutions, please REMEMBER #Balanced Healing's special offer of 20% discount on a wellness screening this month.

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This month's wellness talk by Bridget of Balanced Healing was hugely informative, and mixed with a bit of fun! We made up "Stress Relief" kits for everyone, and discussed Goal Setting and how to achieve those goals. (A New Year's Resolution is not restricted to being set at the beginning of the year - any time is good!)
We were also treated to some words of wisdom from our very own Khensani, who shared some insights about stepping out of your comfort zone!
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growing research that suggests the gut is one of the biggest factors in our overall health
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