Individual Wellness Screening

Individual Wellness Screening

Individual Personalised Screening & Consultation

This services provides recommendations relating to lifestyle choices. Understanding the current underlying or sub-clinical health problems & hidden trends potentially leading to chronic ailments utilising a holistic health approach.

A comprehensive non-invasive screening utilising quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis (QMRA); as well as Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Glucose, Tri-glycerides & Lactate levels with a single finger “prick”.

An in depth discussion on the analysis with suggestions and possible natural supplements to aid in an integrated holistic approach to health & wellness.


Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis (QMRA)

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis (QMRA) is based on sound Quantum Physics & algorithms’ the QMRA is able to locate health problems at a cellular level, providing a personalised complete health report quickly & efficiently.

QMRA Determines the current health of organs & predicts their wellbeing for the future – this then assists in uncovering the onset of major diseases & can assist in early treatment & maintenance to obtain & or maintain an optimal level of  health & wellbeing.

By highlighting the sub clinical and potential health issues * possible lacking minerals and trace elements not absorbed through our diet, it is then through consultation where we highlight & then encourage a more wholesome lifestyle approach.   

*Assistance with natural supplements for the individual & / child who suffers from Attention deficit disorders and needing focus to assist in scholastic functions.





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