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What is Infusion Therapy?

IV Vitamins

Intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy  is part of a global trend towards preventative and holistic treatments to enhance wellness and sports endurance.

Together with eating well and exercising often, IV vitamin therapy can improve and assist with managing and treating chronic conditions.


Why use IV Therapy?

IV therapy ensures all the vitamins and nutrients you need are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, quickly, safely, and efficiently, via an intravenous drip.

Making use of intravenous therapy:

  • assures a 100% absorption rate of vitamins and minerals, with users enjoying its benefits directly and immediately.
  • This contrasts with the 20-30% absorption rate of oral vitamins, and the 60% absorption rate of injectable vitamins.
  • The infusion therapies have unique combinations to boost energy levels, aid vitality and general wellbeing, nourishing at a cellular level.
  • The benefits are endless and differ depending on which infusion is chosen.

Patients experience an increase in energy, improvement in sleep, mood, hydration and recovery after a sports event. In addition this therapy assists in stress reduction, anxiety and increased immunity.

Prescribed Therapy

Out of hospital infusion therapies are done on a doctor referral and medical funder authorisation to administer Intravenous treatment protocols such as antibiotics and Iron Therapy. It may in fact be more cost effective to have daily or twice daily infusion at the clinic, cutting out on hospitalisation costs and reducing the risks of hospital acquired infections.

A home service offering is available, when motivated and referred by an attending physician.

The Process

It is essential that you discuss your needs with our registered nurse & an assessment be done to ascertain your needs, which can then be confirmed with a medical doctor,

It is important to note that not everyone can just “get-a-drip” – it is based on sound medical knowledge and a full medical history, including any current medication in conjunction with hemodynamic observations to ensure your health needs are met & there are no adverse reactions thus being safe to continue.

Registered Nurse is trained in BLS & ACLS, in the unlikely advent of a reaction – all bases are covered.

Infusion Process

Infusion Treatments

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