Child & Family Wellness

Child’s Health and Behaviour Patterns

Happy child & familyA healthy, happy child brings immense joy to the family unit. So often when there are challenges with a child’s health or behaviour patterns, the first port of call is to medicate the child to conform, and / or the parents to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Balanced Healing focuses on ensuring your child remains healthy, with the regular monitoring of growth and nutrition, engaging with you the parent/s and care givers to encompass an integrated approach.


Integrated Healthcare Team

Balanced Healing utilises assessment tools for poor scholastic performance and behavioural issues, we facilitate the infrastructure of an adjunctive healthcare team to assist your child and family in facing the issues at hand. We provide alternatives to the main stream or conventional methods of chemical medication and therapies to enhance the child’s potential.

ToddlerAt the same time supporting you the parent/s and care giver through collaborative approaches to ensure the sustainability of a healthy, happy and functional family unit. This would include an assessment, referral for more in depth clinical testing and supporting family counselling and/or mediation as required. The potential use of EEG’s and analysis by a neuro physiologist will ensure that the right treatment protocol is provided while enhancing and ensuring an optimal health focus for the family unit.


Wellness Baby Clinic

VaccinationsRegular monitoring of milestones and progress – weight, height and nutritional advice on feeding and options are discussed to ensure your child is meeting their potential.

Immunisations can be done provided a script is supplied by your doctor. Should there be a concern as to the controversial topic of immunisation toxicity, an “i-vaccine ”, natural homeopathic protocol is available for peace of mind.


Woman’s Health 

Woman & HealthA screening & supportive consultation on the balancing of woman’s health & hormones.

A NEW service of Thermo Scanning of breast tissue will be provided. This does not replace Mammography, however is an adjunctive screening tool that can enable the changes in tissue to be detected long before mammography will confirm.

There are various technologies in use for cancer screening at the moment and each one has a role to play.

None of these will actually diagnose cancer – that gets done via biopsies & blood tests.

Mammography & thermography are 2 entirely different study modalities.
Mammography is an anatomical study, whereas thermography is a physiological study & it therefore stands to reason, that scientifically, neither modality could ever replace the other.

Mammography needs a mass before detection of an irregularity can take place. A pea size lump can take up to 6 six years to grow, at which point it may be detected by a mammogram.
Thermography is absolutely harmless, without compression,  without radiation & is therefore the ideal modality for routine cancer screening for all ages. Thermography has also been shown to have a 10 x greater predictive value than a family history of breast cancer 2.

Thermography will detect the very earliest physiologic changes within the soft breast tissue and lymph. These changes will alert the patient very early on,  which allows plenty of time to address further progression of the tumour.

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The ability to detect medical conditions early on is a tremendous advantage that is gained through technological advances in the medical field.

We are all born with a heat image likened to a thumb print, which should be symmetrical and should not change. However, your thermal image will alter to show an illness or disease, with the inflammation appearing as a “hot spot”.
Thermography is a non-invasive, non-contact method that measures heat emissions from the body to aid in making a diagnosis of a host of health care conditions.
Earliest breast cancer screening (FDA approved as an adjunct to mammography), has the ability to highlight potential problem areas and thus provide warning to implement preventative measures before it’s a full blown degenerative disease process.
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