Workplace & Executive Wellness

A workplace wellness program is an organisation-wide policy designed to support healthy behaviour and improve health outcomes while at work and providing skills to assist in the management of stress and anxiety and an increase in productivity.

Balanced Healing is able to provide a program whereby health screening and individualised lifestyle management programs can be addressed and implemented within the organisation, at various levels of participation to obtain the benefit of a more health conscious and engaged workforce.

Confidential managed healthcare support programme for the busy executive within the office environment.

These programs may consist of activities such as health education, coaching, weight management programs, medical screenings, on-site fitness programs, and more.

A unique programme where busy executives, who seldom have the time to schedule a doctor’s appointment, let alone a preventative medical screening can be confidentially screened & consulted in the privacy of their own offices. We will provide a corrective lifestyle & wellness plan, possibly including a monthly follow up on the basic health parameters (BP, Cholesterol etc) & delivery of the required prescribed supplementation and any other services pertaining to stress management and possible infusion therapy. The program will be tailor made for your organisation.

The Wellness Program is Aimed at:

Increasing awareness about your own health state
Better resource management
Improved work performance
Heightened self-confidence
Personal development

Employee Wellbeing – an excellent way to meet social responsibility & environmental requirements for ultimate financial organisational wellbeing.



= ROI”

Employees are the organisations best ASSETS.

Your health records are CONFIDENTIAL – ALL information is strictly confidential (client/practitioner code) and Bound by Ethics.

  • CollaborativeAll or Selected Staff (Organisation to select staff members)
  • Convenient Done at your premises in a designated area
  • ConsiderateMinimises Staff time away from tasks & duties
  • Cost EffectiveAble to screen, analyse & provide feedback effectively & efficiently.

Some Workplace statistics:

  • > 50% of Organisation or company costs are incurred by human resources; Thus executive & employee health & wellbeing is critical for optimal production & Business success.
  • 80% of the Health Challenges relate to behavioural lifestyle choices: mental – emotional brain patterns, beliefs, stress, eating patterns & exercise.
  • Chronic diseases of lifestyle (CDL’s) are 37% of SA’s mortality: (Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension).
  • > 50% of deaths occur before age 65 due to heart & blood vessel related diseases & are due to increase to 41% before 2030 (*Heart & Stroke Foundation).
  • HIV is currently estimated to be affecting 10.2% of the population of which the workforce ages 15-49 account for 16.8%. (* Stats SA)

Impact on the economy is enormous

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Balanced Healing

Balanced Healing offers an integrated holistic approach to health & wellness in the workplace & for the individual
Balanced Healing
Balanced Healing

This week our final for June, we are discussing the last three challenges the youth of today faces.
These are probably the most difficult to overcome. INADEQUATE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES which in turn could lead to POVERTY and lastly JUVENILE DELINQUENCY.

Read more on these challenges @

+TEACH WORK MANAGEMENT SKILLS. Teach your teen some basic ways to manage tasks, such as making lists or breaking larger tasks into smaller ones and doing one piece at a time.
+TEACH ENTREPRENEURSHIP – (Jobs are no longer guaranteed)
- Help your child set effective goals.
- Teach your kids financial literacy.
- Let children solve their own problems.
- Foster creativity.
- Get kids involved in the community.
- Find “learning lessons” in adversities.
- Brainstorm business ideas
+DO NOT try to solve your teenager’s problems. As a parent, it is hard to see your child under stress. But try to resist solving your teen’s problems. Instead, work together to brainstorm solutions and let your teen come up with ideas. Using this approach helps teens learn to tackle stressful situations on their own.

+Acudetox – for management of stress & anxiety, addiction +Bach Flower Remedies – for emotional balancing +Supplements for the management of stress and mild to moderate depression.

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Balanced Healing
Balanced Healing
We continue with the top 10 challenges the youth of today faces.

So far we have discussed:

- Single Parent Households
- Substance Abuse
- Early Maturity
- Violence in Schools

The next two challenges are:

It is sad but a bitter fact that we live in a society that promotes consumerism and materialism. And we unknowingly encourage and instill this philosophy into our children. Surprisingly we teach our children that the success and happiness in life is measured by how much stuff or wealth you acquire or what Brand name items you where? It is nothing but natural when kids ask for things which their friends may have. But instead of fulfilling their demands immediately, we should take a pause and think seriously. In which direction we are heading? Never mind, we satiate their demands which are within our financial limit, but that is not a good sign at all.

Recent trends show that approximately 25% kids are obese in India. There is a thin line between being chubby and being obese. Why so? What went wrong? Who’s to blame? There are several questions which instantly pop up. Video games, TV, the internet and fast food can be blamed partially. Today, kids are spending more time watching TV, surfing the internet than running around. This sedentary lifestyle has dangerous consequences. The saddest thing is that they can feel socially awkward or being ridiculed by their peers. Apart from obesity-related health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, other side-effects are low self-esteem, depression, etc.


- BE A ROLE MODEL. Whether you know it or not, your teen looks to you as a model for healthy behavior. Do your best to promote sustainable living. Make your own clothes, grow your own food philosophy.

- GET YOUR TEEN MOVING. Getting regular exercise is one of the best ways to beat stress, for both adults and teens. Encourage your teens to explore an exercise/activity they enjoy, whether it is team sports or other activities like yoga, wall climbing, swimming, dancing, or hiking. You might even suggest trying a new activity together like hiking in the outdoors.

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Balanced Healing
Balanced Healing
Happy Youth Day!
from Balanced Healing
Balanced Healing
Balanced Healing
In this post we will continue to discuss the top 10 challenges the youth of today faces. To recap our first post discussed, Single Parent Households and Substance Abuse.
The next two are:


In earlier generations, kids enjoyed being kids. But today, with the advent of satellite television and internet, kids are bombarded with unwanted information. They are exposed to some adult-related content too, which is not at all conducive for their delicate minds. The concept of childhood becomes problematic.


When we send our kids to school, we usually take a sigh of relief. Schools play a major role in teaching life skills to young minds and their endeavor must be recognized. It is reasonable to expect that these sacred places of learning would prove as safe havens for children. Increasing cases of crime in school makes us lose our sleep. No, these are no minor cases of bullying but serious full-fledged crimes like stabbings, fighting and suicides.

Teenagers face a variety of stresses. For some, it is trying to balance a part-time job with mountains of homework. Others may have to help out at home or deal with bullying or peer pressure. Whatever the cause, starting down the road to adulthood has its own special challenges.

CALL your "health care provider" if your teen seems:
– Overwhelmed by stress
– Talks about self-harm
– Mentions thoughts of suicide
– Also call if you notice signs of bullying, depression or anxiety.


–ACUDETOX – for management of stress & anxiety,
- BACH FLOWER REMEDIES – for emotional balancing
– SUPPLEMENTS for the management of stress and mild to moderate depression as well as assisting with the focus and clarity of mind especially for the wandering mind and high stress times around exam time.
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Balanced Healing
Balanced Healing

As it is Youth Day/Month June 16th, we thought it apt to discuss this topic.
The youth are the pillars of social, economic and political developments. In addition to their intellectual contribution and the ability to mobilize support, our youth bring unique perspectives to our lives and society. As a society we should value the imagination, ideals and energies of young men and women, which are also the future stakeholders of our society. We will Explore some of the basic problems faced by today’s youth, in our evolving modern world.


When kids see their parents living under different roofs, their adolescent mind suffers. The last two decades, we have seen an increase in single parent homes. It is really tough to look after a child in divided home. The situation is far more difficult when kids are raised single-handedly. Even if the parent / s are participatory ans involved it has been seen that the children are often deprived of parental guidance, which may result in an unwanted number of problems, such as alcohol/drug abuse, school dropout, and teenage pregnancies. Often these children do not have a childhood as they are burdened with adult responsibilities.


“A cigarette in my hand…I felt like a man.” Yes…..the famous anti-smoking campaign by Gary Lawyer did manage to scare smoking to some extent. Leave aside the society, cigarette smoking is not even justified in the world of cinema now. Smoking was cool, back then. But nowadays, the awareness to the danger of smoking has increased substantially. Unfortunately it is not the same in case of drinking and using drugs. They are still assumed as cool stuff. Youngsters literally hang around booze. Apart from damaging their own health, they also risk the society. Under the influence of alcohol, these brats will rash drive and do several other anti-social activities.

It’s extremely important for people with addictions to seek help and if you know someone who can’t make the leap themselves, it’s important for you to then be supportive and encourage them to do so.

We will be discussing more challenges over the coming weeks during the month of June, so watch out for our posts.


- The National Department of Social Development in partnership with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) has run the 24-hour Substance Abuse Helpline for over 10 years: Call 0800 12 13 14. If you are unable to call you can also SMS 32312 and a counsellor will call you back.
- SADAG has also created an online “Contact a Counsellor” button.
- Along with the SADAG Facebook page, there are also other online communities you can get in contact with for help or simply to learn more about substance abuse and how you can help someone with an addiction problem. The Ke Moja Substance Abuse Facebook page is another great online platform.
- For those with alcoholism, outpatient programmes are offered by organisations like the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependences (SANCA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Besides outside assistance, Balanced Healing can Provide the Following:

ACCUDETOX – for management of stress & anxiety, addiction, ADDHD
BACH FLOWER REMEDIES – for emotional balancing
SUPPLEMENTS for the management of stress and mild to moderate depression as well as assisting with the focus and clarity of mind especially for the wandering mind and high stress times around exams.
Balanced Healing
Balanced Healing
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