Adjunctive Modalities Network

Practitioner partnerships have been forged, offering counselling and personalised service delivery relating to Life Skills, coaching, Mediation and the Social work of integrating the individual and family unit post hospitalisation and for other traumas.

Practitioners include:

  • Oral hygienist
  • Psychologist
  • Social worker
  • NLP & life coach
  • Neuro physiologist
  • Mediator
  • Homeopath
  • Chiropractor


Please see tentative schedule below for network services. This is still to be confirmed. Contact individual practitioners for appointments.


Oral Hygienist – Christine De Sousa

Mediator Legal advisor (AM) – Chantelle Martins


Private Nurse – Bridget Spargo

Mediator Legal Advisor (AM) – Chantelle Martins

Life and Business Coach (PM) – Monique De Villiers


Private Nurse – (Well Baby clinic) -Bridget Spargo

Psychologist Social worker and counsellor – Karen Martin


Private Nurse – Bridget Spargo

Sports massage and Self Care – Anne Coleman

Mediator Legal Advisor (AM) -Chantelle Martins

Life and Business Coach (PM) – Monique De Villiers


Private Nurse (AM) -Bridget Spargo


Life and Business Coach (PM) – Monique De Villiers

Sports Massage & Self Care – Anne Coleman

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