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NEW – Infusion Therapy

Intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy is part of a global trend towards preventative and holistic treatments to enhance wellness and sports endurance.

These infusion therapies have unique combinations to aid detoxification, cleansing and boost the immune system: choose your IV – Remove, Rebalance and Reimmune. (Click on first three images below for more information.)

To boost your energy levels and to aid in recovery after a sports events – choose one of the following: Rejuve, Replenish or Remobile (click on second row of images below for more information.)

Services provided by Balanced Healing

Integrated Medicine with a holistic approach to wellness through screening, in depth consultation, counselling and various therapies/modalities to assist and enhance the quality of lifestyle, ensuring the development of a healthy individual.


Wellness screening, nutritional and supplementation counselling, Infusion therapies to support lifestyle, boost the immune system, replenishment for active sport persons.

Aiding and counselling for stress and anxiety management. A well-baby clinic (Immunisations for both child and adult with the ability to support the supposed toxic effects of post inoculation)

Assist the challenged child and parent/s in relation to ADD/ADHD etc. Coach parents and teens on their true potential and so the list grows.

Balanced Healing’s mission is, to provide the highest quality of professional client service and convenient healthcare development services, based on cost effectiveness to achieve improved and sustainable levels of health and wellness.

Collaborative Service offering:

  • Private Nurse Practitioner providing:
    • Wellness screening,
    • lifestyle management,
    • Wellness for baby & child,
    • Woman’s Health (May 2018)
    • Acudetox
    • Infusion therapies. (NEW service)


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