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IV Infusion Therapy


The body needs many different types of nutrients to maintain normal function throughout our daily life. The body cannot create these vitamins on its own & most vitamins and minerals come from external sources, from what we eat and drink. However, as efficient as the metabolic process is, the body does not absorb all of these nutrients.

Because IV therapy delivers nutrients and vitamins directly to your bloodstream, it ensures almost a 100% absorption.

The effectiveness of IV drip therapy is especially valuable during illness, when the body’s demand for nutrients is greater than usual. Supplements are invaluable to the healing process and helping the body recover more quickly.

IV Therapy image
Immediate absorption

The Infusion Process

Each infusion is Doctor Scripted and precise for the individual’s needs. Many sports persons require nutrient boosting prior and post sporting events; this is done according to the individuals needs with the guidance of the coach &/ nutritionist as required.

In times of acute illness – the addition of homeopathic remedies to the nutrient base infusion is also available. 

Where specific treatments are required – like Iron infusions, a script will be requested from the individuals overseeing doctor prior to any confirmed infusion treatment/s.

Home Visits

Home visits can be arranged for this who are unable to travel due to health issues, and those being discharged home after a hospital stay requiring continued Infusion treatment. This is preferably done prior to discharge in conjunction with the Dr and healthcare team to ensure continuity of treatment care.

The invoices can be submitted to the medical funder after payment for reimbursement.