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Driven by the passion to find a solution to managing stress, Balanced Healing became a reality. Built on the strengths of my conventional Nursing background & many years within the corporate environment – it has become more apparent to me – more so now than before, that we need to be looking at healing as an integrative & holistic treatment plan – I like to think of it as a lifestyle management program.

With a sound clinical background founded on my Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery and of late a more complementary approach to healthcare incorporating Naturopathy, Diploma in Advanced Nutritional Principles, Certification in Auricular Acupuncture, Intro to Neuroscience coaching, Bach Flower Remedies and various other adjunctive modalities, I am able to offer a complex & layered but simple holistic approach to managing your & your family’s health requirements to ensure a healthier happier you.

    Intellectual Wealth & Qualifications:


    * Diploma General Nursing & Midwifery (Mar 1988 / June 1989)
    * Diploma Marketing (Oct 2002)
    * Bachelor’s Degree – Administration & Marketing (Oct 2005)
    * Introduction to NeuroScience Coaching (Dec 2014)
    * Kinesiology (L1) (Nov 2014)
    * Integrative & Traditional Medicine – Naturopathy (Aug 2015)
    * Dispensing for Healthcare Professionals (Sept 2015)
    * Iridology (L1) (Aug 2015)
    * Diploma in Personal Nutrition (Jun 2016)
    * Accudetox Specialist Certification (Nov 2016)
    * ACLS (current)
    * Advanced Diploma In Nutritional Principles (2018)
    * Bach Flower Remedies (L1) (2018)
    * Certified GAPS Practitioner (current)


      SANCA” (South African Nursing Council)

      South African Nurses Council

      BHF”(BHF – Board of Healthcare Funders (088 000 0575542) Board of Healthcare Funders

      SPNP”(Society of Private Nurses Practitioners) SPNP

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      Balanced Healing

      Balanced Healing offers an integrated holistic approach to health & wellness in the workplace & for the individual
      Balanced Healing
      Balanced Healing
      Check your breasts during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
      Balanced Healing
      Balanced Healing
      5 Things to Know about Breast Cancer
      Balanced Healing
      Balanced Healing

      Although WORLD BONE & JOINT WEEK (12-20 Oct) is behind us it is still worthwhile to discuss BONE & JOINT HEALTH.

      +Bone & Joint health is important at all stages of life. However, having strong bones is something people tend to take for granted, as symptoms often don't appear until bone loss is advanced.
      +Bone and joint conditions are the most common cause of severe long-term pain and physical disability worldwide affecting hundreds of millions of people.
      +Musculoskeletal conditions include back pain, arthritis, traumatic injuries, and osteoporosis and childhood conditions.
      +Osteoarthritis is ranked fourth worldwide as a cause for years lived with disability.
      +Unless actions are taken now, the global prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions is predicted to increase greatly due to increasing life expectancy, changes in risk factors and availability of appropriate prevention measures.
      +Musculoskeletal conditions can lead to significant disability plus diminished productivity and quality of life.

      NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE HABITS IMPACT in maintaining strong bones & joints and it's never too early to start.
      Building healthy bones is extremely important. Minerals are incorporated into your bones during childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Once you reach 30 years of age, you have achieved peak bone mass.
      If not enough bone mass is created during this time or bone loss occurs later in life, you have an increased risk of developing fragile bones that break easily. Fortunately, many nutrition and lifestyle habits can help you build strong bones and maintain them as you age.
      Joints form the connections between bones. They provide support and help you move. Any damage to the joints from disease or injury can interfere with your movement and cause a lot of PAIN.


      Read more @ https://zurl.co/ums6



      Read more @ https://zurl.co/ums6

      Remember for the best quality of life, look after your bones & joints as they will take you many more miles.
      Balanced Healing
      Balanced Healing

      It is certainly encouraging and heartwarming to see the emphasis during National Nutrition week for 2019 to be focusing on the fundamentals of our core well-being and highlighting the use and consumption of WHOLE FOODS.

      Despite what we know about the impact of food choices on our health, overweight and obesity are still on the rise in South Africa, alongside a host of preventable diseases that can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles.

      The message that a coalition of health professionals, including the Department of Health, is highlighting in October during National Nutrition and Obesity Week (9 to 19 October) is that, thanks to our industrialised food system, and far greater, ultra-processed and fast food choices aimed at our ‘convenience’, we’ve got further away from eating the whole foods that are really good for us.

      This year’s theme is: "MAKE EATING WHOLE FOODS A WAY OF LIFE"

      Read some facts that you may not be aware of @ https://zurl.co/jqJh

      +Enjoy a variety of unprocessed or minimally processed food choices
      +Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit every day.
      +Eat dry beans, peas, lentils and soya regularly.
      +Plan and prepare healthy home made meals rather than buying ready to eat food meals/snacks or eating out frequently.
      +Always check food and beverage lables to read what your food and drink consists of.

      At BALANCED HEALING we focus on the fundamentals of health with the pivotal emphasis being on our daily nutritional intake to be the main focus on health & wellness. Healing begins with adequate nutrition.

      BALANCED HEALING is passionate about creating healthy eating habits and with individual consultation & tailor made planning, assist many people with their nutritional & Lifestyle management. Thus ultimately promoting healing of chronic or sub-clinical ailments such as inflammation, digestive issues and in the prevention of escalating disease processes in obesity driven ailments such as Insulin Resistance, Cholesterol management and some endocrine / hormonal disturbances.

      For more information, please be sure to visit the Department of Health National Nutrition week 2019 web page: https://zurl.co/8BLb
      Balanced Healing
      Balanced Healing

      As it is International ADHD AWARENESS Month - let’s kick off this week with a topic close to my heart, as I too have a son that falls within the Autism spectrum. Many moons ago when he was little and struggling to meet his developmental milestones and causing havoc in his nursery school, we began the long & torturous road to trying to find out what was going on in his little mind & body…. The first LABLE was ADHD.

      So it was test after test, therapy session after therapy session, Occupational, Speech you name it and of course the dreaded DRUG REGIME….We tried quite a few. I might add this did very little for him if anything at times made it worse… So here is a little input from my side as a mother and nurse, with many years of research and actually being in the trenches with other parents and teachers…. Here’s my 5 cents worth this week:

      According to the Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Support Group of Southern Africa ADHASA), ADHD is understood to appear in 10% of the South African population and is found in all ethnic and socio-economic clusters.

      Imagine what it would be like to realise that your child:
      acts and thinks differently;

      +says and does whatever comes to mind,
      +Constantly interrupts while they are talking.

      Imagine what it would be like to learn from his teacher that your child:

      +is ‘rude and disruptive’,
      +not capable of paying attention or following simple instructions in the classroom.

      The frightening realisation that your child’s schooling career might be in jeopardy could drive you into the arms of a doctor. And when you take your child there, instead of a comprehensive medical assessment and blood tests, you may end up having a conversation about your child’s behaviour, and, after a few minutes, you could leave with an Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis coupled with a prescription. You can bet that there’s a pharmaceutical solution offered up as a standard reactionary medical response.

      I am not suggesting that some kids do or don’t have ADHD or that some kids might not actually be served well to take a medication. As a mother & practicing integrative nurse..dealing with this issue, it's clear that a small percentage of children will, in fact, do better in terms of socialization and academic performance when they are appropriately medicated. But the notion that we should accept the idea that medications should be given to all those who “act out” of the conventional mold in the academic measurement system….should be challenged on scientific, medical, and compassionate grounds.

      Here’s the checklist of what I believe should happen before children get drugged:

      First off "CUT THE SUGAR!!!"

      Read the rest of the list here: https://zurl.co/hprC

      At BALANCED HEALING, the approach is individual and focused. we utilize the dietary and natural supplementation avenues with some herbal remedies alongside the use of Bach Flower Remedies as well as Auricular acupuncture/pressure point therapy, while functioning within a reputable and professional referral base as and when other therapies are required or indicated.
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