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According to BHF, SPNP & HCP’S agreed Tariffs.
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  • Group therapy – Acudetox
  • Individual – Executive program


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Services Provided by  Balanced Healing

Balanced Healing strives to integrate conventional medical care with a holistic approach to uplift and continuously improve the wellbeing of ALL within our Scope of Practice.

Balanced Healing’s mission is to provide the highest quality client service and convenient healthcare development services based on cost effectiveness in order to achieve improved & sustainable levels of healthcare for all.

  • Individuals
  • Corporates




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Auricular needling technique to assist with specific ailments & addictions as a combination therapy.

Wellness Screening

Wellness Screening

Non-Invasive individual screening & consultation with recommendations relating to lifestyle choices, underlying or sub-clinical health problems, hidden trends leading to chronic ailments utilising a holistic health approach.


Executive Wellness

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Confidential managed healthcare support programme for the busy executive within the office environment.