October 2019

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Parents & Exam Stress

How stressed is your household during exam time? What do you do as a parent to alleviate the tension and support your child with revision and studying? Look no further, Balanced Healing can offer support for the entire family from nutritional planning, supplementation for concentration & focus, through to supportive therapy for anxiety and ADD/HD and much more. So how can you as a parent channel your anxieties and support… Read More »Parents & Exam Stress

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25 Tips to Beat Exam Stress

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It is that time of the year again and for some an extremely stressful time for both learner/student and parents. That pressure to deliver can be unbearable. We will provide 25 tips to beat the exam stress and it is based on Daniel Wong’s article, July 2019) https://www.daniel-wong.com › 2018/09/10 › beat-exam-stress 1. Clear Your Room & Desk “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind”? It turns… Read More »25 Tips to Beat Exam Stress

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Bone & Joint Health

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Although World Bone & Joint week 12th – 20th October is behind us, it is still worthwhile to discuss Bone & Joint Health. Current Evidence Suggests: Bone & Joint health is important at all stages of life. However, having strong bones is something people tend to take for granted, as symptoms often don’t appear until bone loss is advanced. Bone and joint conditions are the most common cause of severe… Read More »Bone & Joint Health

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National Nutrition & Obesity Week 2019

It is certainly encouraging and heartwarming to see the emphasis during National Nutrition week for 2019 to be focusing on the fundamentals of our core well-being and highlighting the use and consumption of WHOLE FOODS. Despite what we know about the impact of food choices on our health, overweight and obesity are still on the rise in South Africa, alongside a host of preventable diseases that can be attributed to… Read More »National Nutrition & Obesity Week 2019

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ADHD Management & Alternative Treatments

As it is International ADHD AWARENESS Month – let’s kick off this week with a topic close to my heart, as I too have a son that falls within the Autism spectrum. Many moons ago when he was little and struggling to meet his developmental milestones and causing havoc in his nursery school, we began the long & torturous road to trying to find out what was going on in his little mind & body…. The first… Read More »ADHD Management & Alternative Treatments